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Screws & Fixings

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Talon Cover Ancillaries

Cover Ancillaries

Floor Duct

Talon floor duct is a high quality uPVC extruded tray section manufactured to BS4576, the material used is self extinguishing and is resistant to acids and alkalis.

The product is suitable for use at temperatures ranging from -100° C to +800° C. A standard 12mm plywood cover is available that complies with BS 1203: 1979.

The return flanges of the duct give recessed support to the pre-cut plywood covers when laid flush with the rest of the finished floor. Talon floor duct has been designed to enable it to be fixed to the surface of the sub-floor before screeding.

The removable plywood cover allows easy access to pipework for maintenance purposes etc. A fire resistant barrier will be required where the floor duct passes through building compartments.

Floor Duct


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