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Screws & Fixings

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Boiler Box installation

Talon Box Cover

Box Cover

This attractive cover system has been designed to compliment Talon’s range of Pipe Cover and Skirting Cover.

The new Talon Box Cover profile is offered in a range of sizes and is ideal in situations where larger pipework or multi-pipe applications need to be covered or protected.

The largest of the three sizes (200mm x 200mm) has been specifically designed to cover unsightly soil and vent pipes.

Supplied in 2.5 or 3 metre lengths, the cover is manufactured from the same high grade extruded uPVC as the Talon Pipe Cover and Skirting Cover ranges and is manufactured to BS4576.

The material is self extinguishing and the finished product is easy to keep clean and is resistant to both acids and alkalis.

Corner Box Cover

The 125mm x 55mm profile has been specifically designed to cover unsightly central heating pipes in the corner of rooms.

This profile is particularly of use when standard trunking style cover cannot be used where pipes are close to a wall.

This profile is slightly thinner than the standard Box Cover range and has smaller fixing strips to give the maximum available space inside the profile.

Manufactured from the same quality uPVC as all other Talon Cover Profiles, the material is self extinguishing and easy to keep clean.



The Talon U-Box range includes two Box Cover profiles with a central joining strip that enables a ‘U’ shape profile to be created.

A wide range of standard sizes can be supplied, 50mm and 100mm wide extension pieces are also available to allow the depth or width to be varied where necessary.


Boiler Box 

Manufactured from the same quality uPVC as all other Talon profiles, Talon Boiler Box offers a neat solution where unsightly boiler pipework (or flues) need to be covered. Supplied in kit form the white uPVC profile can easily be trimmed to the correct height. (supplied in 500mm lengths).

Box Cover
Box Cover
Box Cover installation
125mm x 55mm Box Cover


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